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These are wonderful lunch box filler. The basic recipe is delicious as it is but it is
fun to play around with different nuts, fruit and seeds to get just the right combination
for you. I love to melt a little chocolate and spread it on the tray of flapjacks when
they come out of the oven and the chocolate sets as the flapjacks cool. If I am making
them for the kids lunch boxes I cut them into bars but they are lovely cut into squares
with a nice cup of tea too.

Pre heat the oven to 180c and butter and line a swiss roll tin with greaseproof paper.

Makes 18

250grms porridge oats

125grms very soft butter

125grms soft brown sugar

2-3 tablespoons of golden syrup

200grms melted chocolate

In a food processor pulse the porridge, butter, sugar and golden syrup until combined.
Turn into the lined swiss roll tin and spread out with the back of a spoon. Bake in the
oven for 20-25 mins. Remove and place on a wire cooling rack. Spread the melted
chocolate over the top and allow the whole lot to set for at least a few hours. Ideally
leave it overnight. Turn the set flapjacks out and cut into bars.